“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn.

Tell me the truth and I’ll believe.

But tell me a story
and it will live in my heart forever.”

Indian Proverb

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How stories are changing hearts...

“Every chapter of Hawthorn’s Discovery captivated my kids with high adventure and humor while the parallels between this tiny world and ours left them chattering long into the night. It is a gift to find a book that elevates my child’s understanding of spiritual things. ‘Mom! Listen to this!’ they exclaimed every time Larkin’s tale illuminated another portion of our own Story. Nothing makes this mama happier than a book series I can wholeheartedly entrust to my children.”

Kristen Anne Glover, military wife and blogger at Five In Tow

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I wanted to let each of you know that my two latest books, The Maker's Medicine Girl and The Dancing Ghosts and now available on The Book Depository! This is fantastic news because that means all of my books can be ordered from almost any place in the world and they will be delivered with FREE

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Teaching with stories is how God reaches hearts in the Bible.

The Tales of Larkin and The Flintlock Sagas are fun read-aloud stories that have the potential for putting outstanding character and love for God into your children’s hearts.

  • Use the Master Teacher’s method to reach the hearts of those you are teaching.
  • Instill good character and love for God through family bonding adventures.
  • Use thrilling adventure stories as tools for heart change.
  • Engage in an exciting teaching technique that’s as old as the Bible.

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