“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn.

Tell me the truth and I’ll believe.

But tell me a story
and it will live in my heart forever.”

Indian Proverb

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How stories are changing hearts...

“I love it when an author can combine adventure, imagination, fantasy, and real-world truth. Alan Harris has done just that with his romping The Tales of Larkin series. With brilliant story weaving, these books will delight both children and adults at the same time. In fact, both my husband and my daughter are eagerly awaiting the second book! They are perfect for the family bookshelf…read-aloud classic for years to come.”

Natasha Metzler, author of Pain Redeemed and Christmas!

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The First Book in a New Series

I HAVE EXCITING NEWS!!! I have just published the first book in a brand new series which is called "The Martyr's Friends series". The first book is entitled, Thomas Westcott, God's Shadow Agent It's an exciting Christian fiction story about courageous believers dealing with the challenges and

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Teaching with stories is how God reaches hearts in the Bible.

The Tales of Larkin and The Flintlock Sagas are fun read-aloud stories that have the potential for putting outstanding character and love for God into your children’s hearts.

  • Use the Master Teacher’s method to reach the hearts of those you are teaching.
  • Instill good character and love for God through family bonding adventures.
  • Use thrilling adventure stories as tools for heart change.
  • Engage in an exciting teaching technique that’s as old as the Bible.

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