Hawthorn’s Discovery

Hawthorn’s Discovery

Hawthorn’s Discovery details the life-and-death struggles of three tribes of one-inch tall people against giant predators and each other in non-stop adventure.

The coming-of-age Hawthorn is ruthlessly captured by cruel enemy Renegades. Miraculously rescued by mysterious benefactors, they return him to health and volunteer to aid him rescue his still-captive friends from the deadly slave mines.

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About the Book

Hawthorn’s Discovery is an exciting Christian adventure story about a race of inch tall people called Larkin, who live deep in the woods. The story follows Hawthorn, a young hunter from one of the Larkin clans, who is captured by the enemy Renegades while out on his first hunt. The Larkin and the Renegade’s hate for each other is rivaled only by their mutual fear of the many forest creatures who prey on them.

Not so with the Makerians. Members of this mysterious race save Hawthorn’s life and introduce him to a loving Maker, who calls Hawthorn to live for a higher purpose. The Makerians seek the Maker’s will in all they do, pray about their needs, and actively love their enemies.

The story reaches its exciting climax as Hawthorn and his Makerian allies enter the Renegade stronghold in a daring rescue attempt of Hawthorn’s Larkin friends from the Renegade slave mines. With humor and fast-paced adventure, Hawthorn’s Discovery promotes good character and a vision of a culture totally dependent on and obedient to it’s Maker, inspiring believers to seek God more actively in prayer.

"This is no run of the mill novel, but rather it is a story like no other that could quite easily jog right in there alongside of such greats as C.S. Lewis or even Tolkien. In fact, I would say it is the best of Lewis and Tolkien, woven together into one novel to which Harris has added fresh new vigor and the sweet sweet truth of the Savior's love for us all!

"It's original, a breath of fresh air, and will keep your children's attention from start to finish!"

“My son got lost in The Tales of Larkin and barely came up for air. Engaging, heartening, and packed full of adventure and heroism, it inspired my young reader to live for a higher purpose. The book was an instant hit in our home. Thank you, Alan Harris, for this delightful story!”

"With characters reminiscent of Hobbits, sporting ready and witty tongues to match any Narnian Dwarf, the Larkin fight the Renegades in battles that rival the Lord of the Rings. In the style of Redwall and The Wingfeather Saga, this series by Alan W. Harris will delight lovers of Tolkien and Lewis alike. If you love The Green Ember or The Growly Books, you need to read Hawthorn’s Discovery."

-Gretchen Louise, community manager at Kindred Grace and book reviewer for Club31Women

“Every chapter of Hawthorn’s Discovery captivated my kids with high adventure and humor while the parallels between this tiny world and ours left them chattering long into the night. It is a gift to find a book that elevates my child’s understanding of spiritual things. ‘Mom! Listen to this!’ they exclaimed every time Larkin’s tale illuminated another portion of our own Story. Nothing makes this mama happier than a book series I can wholeheartedly entrust to my children.”

Kristen Anne Glover, military wife and blogger at Five In Tow

“From the very first page, I was swept up in the adventures from The Tales of Larkin. I’ve long been on the lookout for an exciting – and yet character-building – book for our younger children to read and such books are not easy to come by these days! Just to be sure, however, I handed it over to our 12-year-old son and then watched him devour the story even more rapidly than me. This one is an absolute winner for parents and children alike!”

"Locusts in a field of corn have nothing on our boys reading The Tales of Larkin. Devour – it’s the best word to describe their response to author Alan Harris’ new book. Hawthorn’s Discovery is a story packed with adventure, courage, honor, friendship, treachery, danger, great loss, and intrigue . . . and just about everything a great story has to have. But, beyond the great storytelling, it’s a story about The Story of redemption, woven artfully into the history of the tiny race of hearty people called Larkin."

The The Tales of Larkin perfect for the whole family to read aloud. The Larkin world consists of foraging, fighting, building, and hunting. Action-packed, full of comedy, and very exciting, a budding warrior or bandit will thoroughly enjoy this series.

“I love it when an author can combine adventure, imagination, fantasy, and real-world truth. Alan Harris has done just that with his romping The Tales of Larkin series. With brilliant story weaving, these books will delight both children and adults at the same time. In fact, both my husband and my daughter are eagerly awaiting the second book! They are perfect for the family bookshelf…read-aloud classic for years to come.”

Natasha Metzler, author of Pain Redeemed and Christmas!

“The Larkin are tiny people who teach us giant lessons about God, kindness, love, courage and compassion while providing fun for the whole family!”

“To keep the attention of my two boys, a story must be full of adventure, easy to understand, and move quickly. To meet my highest mark of approval, it must be packed with meaning, make them think, and point them to Christ. The Tales of Larkin do all of these things and more! Hawthorn and his crew have made a permanent mark on our hearts and honestly, feel like family. A recommendation can’t get any better than that. The whole McGlothlin family gives it a big thumbs up!”

Brooke McGlothlin, Co-Founder and President of Raising Boys Ministries
and Author of Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most

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Series: The Tales of Larkin, Book 1
Genres: Adventure, Christian, Family, Fantasy
Length: 450 pages
About the Author
Alan W. Harris

Alan W. Harris is a practicing veterinarian and homeschooling father of six. He enjoys the world of nature as well as creating stories that will not only entertain his children, but challenge them and his readers to develop godly character. Read more...

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