Mosstar and Belladonna

Mosstar and Belladonna

This is a story of adventure, and intrigue from the Larkin people’s exciting past.

The tale follows the lives of a young privileged and self-absorbed princess of the Larkin people and the spoiled youngest son of a strange tree-keeper from the fifth clan. Hardship, tragedy and more than a few life-threatening adventures are needed for the Great Maker in Heaven to reach the hearts of these two—drawing them to Himself and eventually to each other.

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About the Book

Join Elder Micah’s history class as he tells his students the exciting narrative of Princess Belladonna’s journal. To keep his students on the edge of their seats, Micah weaves Belladonna’s story with that of Mosstar, son of Cragmore, the great tree laird from the fifth Larkin clan.

Not only must both of them survive frequent life-threatening dangers from the natural world around them, but they must also face the Maker’s truth about their own lives. Unknown to both of them is a diabolical plot to destroy them both and forever change the future of the Larkin People.

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Series: The Tales of Larkin, Book 4
Genres: Adventure, Christian, Family, Fantasy
Publisher: Fruitful Tree Publishing
ISBN: 9780998667737
About the Author
Alan W. Harris

Alan W. Harris is a practicing veterinarian and homeschooling father of six. He enjoys the world of nature as well as creating stories that will not only entertain his children, but challenge them and his readers to develop godly character. Read more...

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