Thomas Westcott, God’s Shadow Agent

Thomas Westcott, God’s Shadow Agent

Fictional Missions of the Christian Underground

Thomas Westcott is running from the secret police. He’s had to change his name, his appearance, as well as start a new life, and it wasn’t even his fault. His parents' faith in God got them arrested and now the police are after their son, and he’s not even a believer. On the run with only his parents' friends to help him, Thomas is forced to face the God he’s run from all his life and decide once and for all what to do with his life.

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About the Book

A self-centered young man’s world is turned upside down when his believing parents are cruelly arrested and persecuted for their faith. As Thomas runs from his enemies he is suddenly confronted with a God he has always tried to avoid. His greatest fears must be faced when he is challenged to do the most important work of his life.

Gripping, exciting, and provocative, Thomas Westcott, God’s Shadow Agent will dare you look at your faith in God from what could be a totally new and thought-provoking perspective. How far will you go to follow Jesus?

I really enjoyed it! Your book made it all seem real--we can lose all the freedom of religion that we have now in just a very short time. It really made me think. It was very well written.
– Beth Culverhouse
The Roman Centurion said "Truly this was the Son of God". And Thomas' parents believed it to point of death. But Thomas not so much. But when his parents were taken and he barely escaped that all changed. See his journey to that realization and then to discover his father had been killed and he had the chance to bring justice on the man responsible with absolutely no chance of discovery. You can't put it down.
– Darrell Markley
A fast paced, thought-provoking read. What would our world be like if Christians were experiencing the persecutions the Jews suffered during WWII?” “The characters Thomas, Grace, and Egg came alive on the page. I felt like I knew them. I rejoiced when Thomas became a believer and I was frightened when Satan took a hold of him.” My question – What would I have done if faced with these challenges?
– Denise Dertzbaugh
The author, Alan Harris, is a masterful storyteller. He is driven to compose compelling stories that are both captivating and thought provoking. Thomas Westcott captured my interest right from the very beginning. I soon felt connected to the characters and had a burning desire to find out what was going to happen to them. They became my friends. I worried about them. Would they be able to stay safe? How would they be protected against insurmountable odds? I was completely engaged in the suspense, engrossed in the drama as it unfolded. I don’t know if these events in this tale will ever be reality in my future but when I read this story it made me think seriously about that. What would I do in these circumstances? What would I wish I had done earlier? What will happen to the people I love if this is what we were facing? Alan Harris has composed a rich story that is worth reading not just for the enjoyment of a good tale, but also for the warning to the readers to consider their own futures. Young and old will find the story intriguing and riveting. They will be both entertained and edified.
– Jill Cobb
I had not read for a while. Your newest book was so engaging, it gave me the desire to read again. With so many believers being persecuted now in different parts of the world…the possibilities of that persecution being in our own back yard came alive!
– Margie Renegar
The premise of your book that a totalitarian government has taken over the land and now believers are arrested and persecuted is at once frightening. However, in this book we see believers who are willing to resist and help the persecuted. Hence, this story while frightening is comforting because we see that God is in control and there are believers who are willing to let Him work through them to help and sustain the persecuted. What a story! These believers never planned to risk everything but the Lord empowered them to do so. It reminds me so much of Proverbs 16:9 which says “We make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” One of the things that makes this new book so commanding is the very clear presentation of the Good News to unbelievers who needed to hear the truth instead of being indoctrinated by the government. Repeatedly your believing characters made very clear that there is Good News to men and women that is sent from God Himself! Truthfully, I couldn’t put the book down. It surely is a very compelling story. Wow! Alan, you hit a home run.
– Pat Renegar
A very well written book. I couldn't put it down as I had to know what was going to happen next. Alan, I'm so proud of the lessons you give us through your books.
– Marvella Markley
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Series: The Martyr's Friends, Book 1
Genres: Christian, Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult
Publisher: Fruitful Tree Publishing
ISBN: 9781734184570
About the Author
Alan W. Harris

Alan W. Harris is a retired veterinarian living beside the beautiful Shenandoah River near Luray, Virginia. He and his wife Valerie homeschooled their six children for twenty-seven years. Believing that good stories change hearts motivated Alan to write exciting and engaging tales for his children. It is his prayer that God will continue to use his books to move hearts and lives closer to Him and His Son Jesus Christ. Read more...

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