The Young Frontiersman

The Young Frontiersman

God has put William in a unique position to help, but what can he do against a thousand bloodthirsty fighters?

William Hackett, a youth with a troubled past, is in for the adventure of his life. Along with his family, friends, and neighbors, he is a part of a group of pioneers trying to start a new life in the wilderness of Kentucky in the 1770’s. Aside from dealing with his deep emotional wounds, Will and his friends are confronted with a life of constant trial, hardship, and peril as they seek to survive the dangers of the Kentucky wilds, as well as the threat of savage enemy warriors. While the fierce War for Independence is being waged back East, treacherous British agents stir the Indian tribes to rise up and annihilate the small outpost of unsuspecting pioneers.

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About the Book

The Young Frontiersman is the first book in The Flintlock Sagas. The story begins in 1776 as a group of pioneers travel from the Maryland colony to the territory of Kentucky. They have committed themselves to carving a new life out of the wilderness. Surviving such a hazardous ordeal would be difficult in itself, but when they are called to also face the savage inhabitants of the land, who have been stirred into a frenzy by British agents as the Revolutionary War begins, the task becomes terrifying. The story follows William Hackett, a youth swept into the middle of this uncertain and foreboding way of life, who must struggle fiercely with his own demons in his perilous journey to manhood.

In this sweeping tale about the conquest of the American wilderness, you will discover the joys and hardships of pioneer life. You will be intrigued by the resourcefulness and creativity of your forefathers, as well as their resilience and courage. Along the way you will meet some wonderfully fun characters and even learn a little history. As in all of Alan Harris’s stories, there will be opportunities to learn important character lessons as well as life-changing spiritual truths.


A captivating story.

The first book in The Flintlock Saga series, The Young Frontiersman, is a captivating story filled with loads of action, adventure, and just enough danger to keep you on the edge of your seat! I am reading this aloud to our four kids ages 4-15 and they ALL beg for “one more chapter!” Set in Kentucky in the 1700s, this story touches on the trials and triumphs of settlers as they move Westward to settle new land. What we love most about this story, is how with every trial/triumph, some characters are mindful to seek the Lord’s help/give Him all the glory, encouraging those around them to draw nearer to the Lord and place their trust in Him.

It is refreshing to have a series that exemplifies the importance of godly character qualities and has deep spiritual lessons throughout. The included chapter discussion questions have been fabulous for engaging our kids in deep, meaningful discussion about the actions and qualities of different characters. The author takes this opportunity to point us back to Jesus and the godly character He maintained.

Who says being a Child of God has to be quiet and boring? Quite the contrary! Action, adventure, and danger coupled with godly character building and deep spiritual lessons... What are you waiting for?

Erin Neal, homeschool mom

Filled with suspense and witty dialog.

The Young Frontiersman was a wonderful start to the series. It was filled with suspense and witty dialog, and while the battles and excitement were quite engaging, it did nothing to take away from the light of the Lord’s work in this story. It was a delight to read, and I’m sure I will reread it more times in the future.

Kira Bandy, age 15

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Series: The Flintlock Sagas, Book 1
Genres: Adventure, Christian, Family
ASIN: B082Q8M3Z1
ISBN: 9781734184501
About the Author
Alan W. Harris

Alan W. Harris is a practicing veterinarian and homeschooling father of six. He enjoys the world of nature as well as creating stories that will not only entertain his children, but challenge them and his readers to develop godly character. Read more...

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